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Executive Manager, Outsourcing in Hospitality Industry (operations and marketing)
About me and 4P Service
With almost 20 years of experience in the hotels and restaurants industry, including 11 years in top management positions, I've decided to merge my management expertise with digital marketing to provide cross-cutting consultations.
My expertise industry is hospitality (hotel and restaurants venues), but my consultations will be beneficial for you even if you own a beauty salon, commercial medical center, or any other enterprise.

During my career, I've been working with numerous number of partners: chefs, brand chefs, investors, digital agencies, developer companies, marketing agencies. Should I say that on my way I met contractors who treat their duties with varying degrees of responsibility. Of course, with especially responsible, creative and experienced ones, I try to continue to cooperate and involve them as needed.

Often it's not necessarily companies, but freelancers and outsourcers whose work I've particularly enjoyed and, it is important, their work allowed me to grow good, efficient and attractive businesses. So, I joined all this network in one outsourcing group: 4P Service by Rostyslav Antoshyk.

4P Service: Marketing

Services are tailored to elevate your online presence and engagement strategies. We specialize in developing comprehensive online promotion strategies, managing social media platforms (SMM), and implementing effective search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

From crafting engaging websites to establishing and managing online presence, our expertise extends to the full spectrum of web-based initiatives. We are navigating the intricacies of internet reputation management, ensuring that your brand maintains a positive and influential digital footprint.

Our focus is on harnessing the power of modern digital tools, providing insights into the latest trends, and optimizing your online strategy to maximize visibility and engagement. Together, we can create a dynamic and impactful digital presence for your business.

4P Service: AI And Technologies

As an AI and Technology Implementation consultants, we propel businesses into the future through seamless integration and customized solutions.

From staff optimization to AI incorporation in routine tasks and marketing, our expertise ensures tailored strategies for enhanced customer experiences and optimized internal processes. We excel in formulating effective innovation integration strategies, fostering growth, and providing training for smooth collaboration with AI systems.

Our focus on ethical considerations and continuous monitoring aims to position your business as a leader in leveraging emerging technologies for sustained success.

Rostyslav Antoshyk: Staff And Training

As a Staff Training and Development consultant, I specialize in customizing training programs to enhance both technical and soft skills, cultivating a well-rounded and adaptable workforce.

Proficient in modern tools and technologies, I foster efficiency and innovation. Through engaging team-building initiatives, I create a positive work environment for heightened productivity.

I elevate professional skills, aligning training with organizational objectives for tangible impact. Instilling a culture of continuous learning, I implement performance evaluation systems and adaptive learning platforms to build a highly skilled and motivated workforce.

Rostyslav Antoshyk: Business Operation And Development

As a Business Operational and Planning consultant, I specialize in enhancing your organization's efficiency and strategic development. I conduct comprehensive analyses to streamline operations, identify bottlenecks, and implement solutions.

My services include crafting long-term sustainability and competitiveness strategies, integrating cutting-edge technologies for optimized customer experiences and internal processes.

I provide expertise in innovation management, employee training, and business process optimization, offering a holistic approach to organizational enhancement. Let's collaborate to shape a future where your business thrives through strategic planning and operational excellence.

Why me
  • Digital products
    I develop English speaking community for Tilda users. Tilda Publishing is service, which will cover the needs in web-aplications, organizing of work-flow with zero-code approach, what will give you opportunity to manage your online presence with a speed of light - and never wait for programmer to change code on your website any more.
  • Experience
    My experience is almost 20 years in different areas of hotel and restaurant work. So, I know deeply how much every process should take time
    I deeply understand how any process should be organized and my experience will give you opportunity not to make mistakes, which I did long time ago.
  • Support
    My work with you will never finish, as market is evaluating, and we are not standing at one point. So you will always receive from me some visions, some cases, which I brought from other organizations' experience, other countries, other continents.
  • Multicultural
    I've been working with representatives of different cultures and religions. It is key for understanding mentality of people and understanding their values and motivation. It is a key to build multinational teams. It is a key for understanding people even in side mono-national team as well.
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