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  • Landing page
    DineTech's landing page is a captivating online showcase for your restaurant, designed to entice customers from the first moment they look at your website. With an eye-catching layout, high-resolution images, and smooth navigation, your restaurant's unique ambiance and signature dishes will be beautifully presented. The landing page also features essential information like location, contact details, operating hours, and customer reviews, ensuring potential diners are well-informed and eager to visit.
  • Digital menu
    Revolutionize the dining experience with DineTech state-of-the-art digital menu. Gone are the days of traditional paper menus. Our digital menu is interactive, user-friendly, and fully customizable to suit your restaurant's branding. Guests can effortlessly browse through an extensive list of dishes, complete with enticing visuals and detailed descriptions. Additionally, the menu can be updated in real-time to reflect seasonal specials, new additions, or limited-time promotions, keeping your offerings fresh and exciting.
  • Marketing instruments
    DineTech empowers restaurants with a suite of tools for a stronger online presence. Enhance visibility through improved SEO, seamlessly integrate with social media for wider reach and engagement, nurture customer loyalty with personalized programs, and utilize integrated email marketing to share exclusive deals. Gain insights into performance and customer behavior through analytics for more effective marketing strategies.
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More about Meta and Snap Pixels

A remarketing pixel is like a little "tag" we place on your website which we create (landing or menu). When people visit your site and look at products or services - for example while visiting your restaurant, this tag (pixel) keeps a record of it.

Later, when these people leave and browse other websites or social media, the pixel "tells" our ads who to appear in front of. So, let's say they're scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat news, ads for your website might show up, reminding them of what they were interested in.

This helps jog their memory about your company.

So, a remarketing pixel is a tool that helps "remember" your products or services to those who've been on your site and shows them ads again to help with their decision-making.
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