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What we offer
  • Landing page
    StayManager landing page creates an enticing first impression, welcoming guests to your hotel with a seamless and visually captivating interface. Featuring stunning images of your hotel's amenities, luxurious accommodations, and the local attractions, the landing page paints a vivid picture of the exceptional experience awaiting guests. Crucial details such as check-in and check-out times, contact information, and easy-to-follow directions ensure guests are well-informed and at ease from the moment they arrive.
  • Information Hub
    StayManager information hub is a one-stop destination for guests to access all relevant details and services during their stay. From dining options and room service menus to spa packages and recreational activities, guests can effortlessly explore and choose from a plethora of offerings. Each service is showcased with enticing descriptions and high-quality visuals, enticing guests to indulge in the full range of amenities your hotel provides.
  • Marketing instruments
    StayManager advanced marketing features are designed to boost your hotel's online presence and guest engagement. Through robust Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, your hotel will rise in search rankings, attracting more potential guests. Integrated social media capabilities of Meta Pixel or Snap Pixel enable effortless promotion of events, offers, and updates, while personalized loyalty programs and targeted email marketing campaigns nurture guest loyalty and drive repeat bookings. Detailed analytics provide insights into guest preferences, allowing you to tailor your offerings for maximum impact.
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A few examples
  • Informational hub about all hotel amenities, services, prices
  • Order anything with payment or without payment from room with automatic acception or with confirmation from reception
  • direct informing any person in charge: housekeeper, receptionist, cashier, manager, technical staff
  • all information has a double record in log file – with managerial access
  • information about guest saves Meta Pixel or Snap Pixel
  • saving booking flyers for next direct booking for the guest
  • immediate informing of all guests about special event (offer)
  • subscription or review direct sending
  • and more unlimited services, depending on what you need
More about Meta and Snap Pixels

A remarketing pixel is like a little "tag" we place on your website which we create (landing or menu). When people visit your site and look at products or services - for example while visiting your restaurant, this tag (pixel) keeps a record of it.

Later, when these people leave and browse other websites or social media, the pixel "tells" our ads who to appear in front of. So, let's say they're scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat news, ads for your website might show up, reminding them of what they were interested in.

This helps jog their memory about your company.

So, a remarketing pixel is a tool that helps "remember" your products or services to those who've been on your site and shows them ads again to help with their decision-making.
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